Joan Harcourt

Her story

Currently Joan Harcourt is involved in leading BodySoul groups.Joan completed The European BodySoul Rhythms Leadership Training Program with the Marion Woodman Foundation. In 2007 she assisted at the BodySoul Program led by Marion and Ross Woodman.
Joan has conducted BodySoul groups in Sydney, Aust ralia and in Cambridge, UK. In early 2011 she led BodySoul workshops on 'Transitions',with Heather Keens and Gwyneth Trysant in Sydney . In October 2011 and May and August 2012 she led a workshop on the 'Black Madonna', with indigenous elder, Ali Golding. In January 2013 with Marian Dunlea,she co-led the 'BodyDreaming Workshop' organised by Josephine Dyer, held in Warburton, Upper Yarra, Victoria. In June 2013 she led with Heather Keens a workshop on the 'Return of the Black Goddess'.In November 23-24 she co-led with Josephine Dyer and Dodi Rose a BodySoul Community Workshop, 'Embodying the Dream' in Healesville, Victoria.In 2015r with Heather Keens she co-led 3 one day workshops on ' 'The Handless Maiden' on 31st May, 28th June and 19th July. On October 25&26 she co-led 'Embodying the Dream' with Josephine Dyer and Dodi Rose , in Healesville, then led 'Embodying the Dream' with Josephine Dyer on April 23rd in Healesville, Victoria. On October 15&16 2016 she will co-lead with Josephine Dyer the MWF BodySoul Dreaming Comunity Workshop in Healesville.

In recent years she has given talks on 'Coming Home to Myself': the Archetype of the Crone' and 'The Black Madonna' to various Jungian groups, and on "BodySoul "to a Probus women's group.. In October 2013 she gave a talk on 'BodySoul in Australia: Beginnings' at the BodySoul Community Conference in Chicago. In Somerset, England, in September 2014 at the Marion Woodman Foundation BodySoul Leaders Renewal, she gave a short presentation on 'BodySoul in Australia' as part of the presentation about MWF BodySoul groups internationally.
Joan's training is in Education and Psychology in Australia, and then in Cambridge in
Analytical Group Work, Gestalt Therapy and Body Psychotherapy. For many year she was a member of the Cambridge Jungian Circle and a Jungian Dream Group. Before returning to live in Australia she led and co-led dream groups and cross-cultural groups in Cambridge.

She continues to learn and rediscover connections between land and spirit, body and soul, listening to the ancient and more recent stories of this land and people, as well and the myths and teachings from other cultures.
Coming workshops:

A Body Soul Dreaming Communnity Workshop , led by Joan Harcourt and Josephine Dyer
will be held on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 2016 in Healesville.
For more information see page 4 on this website.

The longer 5 day residential workshop, Embodying the Soul, led by an experienced International team of MWF BodySoul Leaders, Marian Dunlea, Sue Congram and Sheila Langston, will now be held in 2017. Details to be announced at a later date.


“A life lived fully is crowned with age and experience of journeys”
Marion Woodman